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AM Huddersfield

Thanks to Mr Fellerman and team I finally have straight teeth and am not conscious of them any more! Whilst Invisalign has been a long process for me, the results were well worth waiting for and I would definitely recommend this treatment, especially for those with crooked teeth.

I had never been offered braces as a child and as I grew older my front teeth particularly became very pointy – described lovingly by some as looking like cat fangs! I was unhappy with crooked teeth at the front of my mouth and avoided smiling as I was very conscious of these. With age the problem seemed to get worse and as soon as I heard about Invisalign I was really pleased to find there may be a solution to the problem. It was also a discrete approach so that, particularly at work, I did not have to publicly explain to everyone what I was having done to my teeth. Many people, even when told I was wearing the aligners, could not easily notice them.

At each stage Mr Fellerman explained what was happening. Mine was a difficult case and my teeth needed to rotate a considerable distance. Mr Fellerman always had a new approach up his sleeve to try out if teeth didn’t always move as planned and we eventually got the results that we wanted. Thanks to Mr Fellerman and all the team for their patience, excellent dental care, continued support and most importantly for giving me straight teeth. Mr Fellerman was also keen to ensure that the straightened teeth did not revert back to being crooked once the treatment had finished and I am particularly pleased that this is a long term solution meaning that I should now have straight teeth forever! The whitening at the end was also a bonus!

Great job – only wish this treatment had been available ten years ago!

April 19, 2016 8:56 am