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CW, Leeds, Jan 2011

After years of feeling conscious of the gaps in my upper teeth and the way in which they stuck out I decided to look into options of having them straightened. Invisalign was the perfect solution as the treatment as so discrete it wouldn’t effect my confidence returning to University or working within customer service. No-one realised I was wearing them, not even my family when I came home with the braces in for the first time. After 12 months my teeth are straight, gapless and whiter than ever. My family and friends have been so amazed by the vast improvement that they still comment on how impressive Invisalign is. All the staff at KLDC have been friendly, helpful and professional throughout my time there. Dr Fellerman was a delight to visit on a regular occasion and looked after my best interests throughout the treatment. I would recommend KLDC above all other practices for their effective and efficient service. Now I can smile again without thinking about my teeth!

April 19, 2016 8:49 am