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ED, Leeds, June 2012

I have just completed my teeth straightening treatment which lasted 6 months using Six Month Smiles. Although my teeth were not too crooked, I was very conscious of one of my front teeth that stuck out. When I got engaged and planned a wedding date it was just what I needed to book a consultation at King Lane Dental Care for teeth straightening. Due to the time constraints of wanting my teeth straightened before my wedding, Six Month Smiles were recommended.

I was apprehensive of how the braces would look, at the age of 29 I did not want them to be noticeable. I was however pleased that the braces were tooth coloured and very discreet, and were only noticeable when very close to people. I was seen every 4 weeks where tweaks were made in order to get the desired results. Peter Fellerman provided me with clear information throughout the process so that I was fully informed of the progress and timescales.

The whole process was simple, straight forward and pain free, and thanks to Peter Fellerman the treatment was completed as predicted within 6 months. And I can say that having Six Month Smiles on for 6 months was worth it to have straight teeth, and now I have teeth that I will be happy to show off on my wedding day

April 19, 2016 8:57 am