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Many Thanks LT Leeds Jan 2013

For the past 5 years I have been in desperate need of teeth straightening, with my front and bottom teeth both collapsing and pointing at the middle. Although I considered myself a relatively confident person, I would commonly hold my hand to my mouth when laughing and developed a smile without opening my mouth or showing my teeth. I had visited several dentists in the past, given information regarding the need for braces, gone home, cried and put it off for another 6 months.

Then I met Peter and the team at King Lane Dental Centre. Peter is a great guy, really puts you at ease, talked me through the procedure and was really interested in achieving a better smile that worked for me. I went for 6 months smiles, a tooth coloured bracket brace for 11 months. Monthly visits ensured adjustments and elastics could be changed and my teeth were straightening in the correct manner. How I wished I’d done this years ago!! The braces were barely noticable to the point where I began to show them to others. I had no problems with speech after the first couple of days and the discomfort was very minimal. Peter was so accomodating when I needed the top brace removed for my sister’s wedding and talked me through each stage of the treatment. Having them removed in November was obviously wonderful and I am now in love with my teeth and smile. Thank you Peter and your wonderful, dedicated and friendly team!!

April 19, 2016 8:58 am