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I was always conscious of my teeth and have always wanted them straightened since I can remember. I would never smile on photos with my teeth showing, which always made me look quite miserable. King Lane Dental Care being my dentist I noticed they were advertising Invisalign and decided to go for it, and it was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. The process was lengthy but was well worth the wait as my teeth are perfect and are better than I could have ever imagined and the other best thing was nobody noticed I had the braces on!. I now have the confidence to smile, with thanks to Dr Peter Fellerman. The staff at KLDC are fantastic people and my treatment exceeded my expectations by far. I would recommend them to everyone.
Emma, March 2013

For the past 5 years I have been in desperate need of teeth straightening, with my front and bottom teeth both collapsing and pointing at the middle. Although I considered myself a relatively confident person, I would commonly hold my hand to my mouth when laughing and developed a smile without opening my mouth or showing my teeth. I had visited several dentists in the past, given information regarding the need for braces, gone home, cried and put it off for another 6 months. Then I met Peter and the team at King Lane Dental Centre. Peter is a great guy, really puts you at ease, talked me through the procedure and was really interested in achieving a better smile that worked for me. I went for 6 months smiles, a tooth coloured bracket brace for 11 months. Monthly visits ensured adjustments and elastics could be changed and my teeth were straightening in the correct manner. How I wished I'd done this years ago!! The braces were barely noticable to the point where I began to show them to others. I had no problems with speech after the first couple of days and the discomfort was very minimal. Peter was so accomodating when I needed the top brace removed for my sister's wedding and talked me through each stage of the treatment. Having them removed in November was obviously wonderful and I am now in love with my teeth and smile. Thank you Peter and your wonderful, dedicated and friendly team!!
Many Thanks
LT Leeds Jan 2013

I have been very happy with both the Invisalign treatment, and the quality of the service given at King Lane Dental Care. Peter always takes the time to answer questions and explain the procedure, and the Invisalign braces themselves were very discreet during treatment. Highly recommended.
JW, Leeds. Aug 2012

I have just finished a 9 month Invisalign programme to straighten my teeth. I am so pleased with the results and thank Dr Fellerman and his team so much for their hard work. They could not have been more helpful in answering all my questions along the way. They were incredibly accomodating to my needs as I was getting married half way through my treatment and this was fully built into my treatment programme. The treatment produced quick results within very few visits which was just what I wanted. Having had traditional braces as a teenager I was keen to avoid these again. The Invisalign system is very discrete with only minor discomfort on the days aligners are changed. I would fully recommend to anyone both the Invisalign treatment and King Lane dental practice.
CB, Wakefield Aug 2012

I have just completed my teeth straightening treatment which lasted 6 months using Six Month Smiles. Although my teeth were not too crooked, I was very conscious of one of my front teeth that stuck out. When I got engaged and planned a wedding date it was just what I needed to book a consultation at King Lane Dental Care for teeth straightening. Due to the time constraints of wanting my teeth straightened before my wedding, Six Month Smiles were recommended.

I was apprehensive of how the braces would look, at the age of 29 I did not want them to be noticeable. I was however pleased that the braces were tooth coloured and very discreet, and were only noticeable when very close to people. I was seen every 4 weeks where tweaks were made in order to get the desired results. Peter Fellerman provided me with clear information throughout the process so that I was fully informed of the progress and timescales.

The whole process was simple, straight forward and pain free, and thanks to Peter Fellerman the treatment was completed as predicted within 6 months. And I can say that having Six Month Smiles on for 6 months was worth it to have straight teeth, and now I have teeth that I will be happy to show off on my wedding day.
ED, Leeds, June 2012

As a child my teeth were extremely uneven resulting in many years of unsightly metal braces. At the end of my treatment of metal braces I was happy and confident with my teeth, however over the years they started to move back to their 'old habits' and became more pointy at the front, cramped, and one was gradually slipping back behind others. I hated the way my teeth looked and hated my photo being taken. I kept seeing adverts about the almost invisible brace solution 'Invisalign' and really wanted stright teeth once again. I then heard of an open day at KLDC to talk through the procedure, costs, and generally find out more about it. I would never have worn metal braces again but this seemed like a perfect solution.

After some quick impressions to check my suitability for the treatment I received some impressive computer graphics taking me through how my teeth would effectively be moved and what the end result would look like. I was impressed and immediately decided to go ahead with the treatment. With regular check-ups and a change in Invisalign brace every 2 weeks you can see the results taking shape and its really encouraging to see. Twelve months down the line and my treatment is compete. I am so happy with the results! . I never really hid I was wearing braces but when I told people they were generally shocked and surprised. It also means I wasn't self conscious on photographs during the treatment as you could never see the braces on them! I would not hesitate to recommend KLDC to anyone for any dental work but especially Invialign. Dr Fellerman and his team offer and efficient and first-class knowledgeable service.
ZR, Leeds, April 2012

Thanks to Mr Fellerman and team I finally have straight teeth and am not conscious of them any more! Whilst Invisalign has been a long process for me, the results were well worth waiting for and I would definitely recommend this treatment, especially for those with crooked teeth.

I had never been offered braces as a child and as I grew older my front teeth particularly became very pointy - described lovingly by some as looking like cat fangs! I was unhappy with crooked teeth at the front of my mouth and avoided smiling as I was very conscious of these. With age the problem seemed to get worse and as soon as I heard about Invisalign I was really pleased to find there may be a solution to the problem. It was also a discrete approach so that, particularly at work, I did not have to publicly explain to everyone what I was having done to my teeth. Many people, even when told I was wearing the aligners, could not easily notice them.

At each stage Mr Fellerman explained what was happening. Mine was a difficult case and my teeth needed to rotate a considerable distance. Mr Fellerman always had a new approach up his sleeve to try out if teeth didn't always move as planned and we eventually got the results that we wanted. Thanks to Mr Fellerman and all the team for their patience, excellent dental care, continued support and most importantly for giving me straight teeth. Mr Fellerman was also keen to ensure that the straightened teeth did not revert back to being crooked once the treatment had finished and I am particularly pleased that this is a long term solution meaning that I should now have straight teeth forever! The whitening at the end was also a bonus!

Great job - only wish this treament had been available ten years ago!
AM Huddersfield

I was always very self conscious about my teeth crossing over at the front. I wanted to get them fixed but I didn't want to have to wear metal braces or have any teeth removed. Then one day I met up with my friend who mentioned that she'd only got a few months left of wearing her braces. I was shocked because I didn't even know she wore any! This is when I first discovered Invisalign. A few months later I heard about an open day/evening and a free consultation at KLDC so I decided to go along to find out more. The session was really informative.

Before your treatment you receive a video of how your teeth will move, which is fantastic as you can see how much difference the braces will make. The treatment was easy, just using a new set of braces every 2 weeks and taking them out to eat. It wasn't painful, there were no injections and there was no drilling! My treatment lasted about 18 months but after just 6 months my teeth looked straight! Nobody even noticed I had braces on!

I was surprised that I only had to have a quick 15 minute appointment every 6-8 weeks. KLDC were also flexible on the times with early morning and late evening appointments so I could fit it around my work. I think they even stayed open later than usual on a couple of occasions for me.

I've not had any dental work done before (fillings etc.) and I've never liked going to the dentist but the whole team put me at ease. Dr Peter Fellerman was superb and I would recommend him and KLDC to anyone.
JL, Leeds, June 2011

I have just completed my teeth straightening treatment which lasted 12 months using Invisalign. The whole process was simple, straightforward and completely pain free. Every step of the treatment was thoroughly explained and discussed in detail which made me feel completely at ease and I had complete confidence with the procedure. It is completely true that Invisalign is invisible, not one person guessed I was having the treatment or wearing the aligners, not my parents or closest friends until I explained. At the end of the treatment, the icing on the cake, is the tooth whitening process which everyone noticed and I received nothing but compliments.

I have no hesitation in recommending King Lane Dental Care to anyone and would like to thank all the staff at King Lane who were helpful and friendly, and a special thank you to Peter Fellerman for giving me a perfect white smile.
DLA, Leeds, April 2011

I had fixed metal braces a number of years ago; however, a few years after the treatment, my teeth had moved slightly forward and I had a slight gap within my front teeth. I was thinking of trying out fixed metal braces once again; however, I had my graduation coming up and I was worried I would still have them on. When I saw an advertisement on the internet for Invisalign, I did research as to the best places which offer the best service, and at a reasonable price. King Lane Dental Care within comparison to the other dentists was the most competitive and had extra bonuses, such as the teeth whitening treatment. I am very impressed with the service KLDC have to offer. They are very efficeint, friendly, and are willing to do exactly what you require. I am very happy with the results of my treatment. The treatment moved quickly and smoothly, as I only had Invisalign braces for four months! I have also been given a fixed metal retainer which has been hidden at the back of my top and bottom teeth to avoid any movement in the future. This was given as an option and I was very happy to have been offered this as now I do not need to worry about the same problem I had before, happening again. I strongly believe that KLDC offer the best service within Leeds/West Yorkshire for the Invisalign treatment. The flexible times they have to offer have helped me fit appointments when it suited me best as I have a busy routine, and when I have wanted to reschedule an appointment, they have always done it to my convenience, which is difficult to receive from other dental practictionors. I would like to thank Dr Peter Fellerman and his team for the impressive support, the magnificant results, and the wonderful service they have provided for me. I can now smile confidently! I will definately be returning for more treatments in the near future. I recommend King Lane Dental Care to everyone.
AR, Leeds, Jan 2011

Having been frustrated with my crossed front teeth for many years I decided to do something about it. I saw an article about Invisalign in a magazine and resolved to investigate further. The prospect of virtually invisible and removable aligners was perfect. I called all the dentists in Leeds who offered the treatment and chose King Lane Dental Care mainly because the receptionist was so helpful during the initial phone call. 12 months on my treatment is finished apart from the ongoing retention. I am absolutely delighted with the finished result and can't stop smiling!
RM Leeds

Having been very conscious of how my top teeth looked when I smiled for a number of years, I decided that at the age of 61 to take the plunge and have the Invisalign treatment, which I have found absolutely fantastic. After 12 months my teeth are straighter than I could ever have imagined with very little discomfort. I am extremely pleased with the results and would highly recommend anyone to have the treatment. Most of my friends and family did not realise that I have Invisalign on my teeth and are amazed when I show them the brace. Your speech is not affected either. I am thrilled with the results.
RP Leeds

I had fixed metal braces in my late teens because I was unhappy with the appearance of my crooked teeth. Unfortunately, I did not wear my retainers & my front teeth became crooked again. At the age of 45 I decided to have the Invisalign treatment. The treatment only took about 6 months & was straight forward. Throughout the treatment I was meeting the public on a daily basis in my work. No one ever knew that I was wearing braces, they are so discrete, and they really are practically invisible. I'm thrilled with my perfect teeth & like to show off my smile at every opportunity. Thank you..
SH Leeds

I am coming to the end of my invisalign treatment and have been amazed with the results, my teeth are now straight, without much discomfort or inconvenience, compared with my friends who wore fixed appliances.Wearing the invisalign has been straightforward and comfortable; most of the time I forget I am wearing them. I can highly recommend invisalign treatment for straightening teeth.
L.A. Leeds

I would highly recommend invisalign, wearing the aligners quickly fits into your daily life and you'll be surprised how few people know you are wearing them. There is little pain and the results are well worth it. The whitening treatment at the end is also a real bonus to finish off your amazing new smile, I couldn't be happier!
KR, Leeds, 2010

I'm really pleased with the invisalign treatment I have received and feel happier and more confident with my new straight teeth! The service at KLDC has been good and I have been able to adapt the treatment to suit my needs. Although the treatment has taken around 18 months, it has definitely been worth it. Invisalign is a really good option for straightening teeth discreetly and comfortably and I would recommend it over a fixed brace - it's worth the extra cost. The fact that you can remove the aligners to eat and give them a good clean makes them much more hygienic than a fixed brace. The teeth whitening treatment as part of the package is also a good bonus.
LM, Leeds, Dec 2010

After years of feeling conscious of the gaps in my upper teeth and the way in which they stuck out I decided to look into options of having them straightened. Invisalign was the perfect solution as the treatment as so discrete it wouldn't effect my confidence returning to University or working within customer service. No-one realised I was wearing them, not even my family when I came home with the braces in for the first time. After 12 months my teeth are straight, gapless and whiter than ever. My family and friends have been so amazed by the vast improvement that they still comment on how impressive Invisalign is. All the staff at KLDC have been friendly, helpful and professional throughout my time there. Dr Fellerman was a delight to visit on a regular occasion and looked after my best interests throughout the treatment. I would recommend KLDC above all other practices for their effective and efficient service. Now I can smile again without thinking about my teeth!
CW, Leeds, Jan 2011