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Emergency Dental Care

Accidents happens and here at King Lane Dental Care we offer our patients an emergency service.

We offer a same day service for all dental emergencies including:

  • Toothache
  • Lost or broken crowns
  • Chipped teeth and fillings
  • Abscesses
  • Trauma and a swelling to the face

We take care of your injuries to ensure you heal quicker and more effectively, so you avoid additional dental problems in the future.

If you have knocked out a tooth it is important to follow these guidelines:

  • Keep calm
  • Locate the missing tooth, pick it up by the white crown avoiding touching the root
  • Wash the tooth briefly in cold water for 10 seconds (if it is dirty)
  • Reposition the tooth back in place. Bite on a paper towel to hold it
  • If holding in place is not possible, the tooth can be stored in milk. Avoid storage in water!
  • If storing or holding in place is not possible the tooth can be transported in the mouth between the molars and the inside of the cheek
  • It is advisable for younger patient’s to spit tooth in a container of milk
  • Seek emergency dental treatment immediately by calling the King Lane Dental Care team on 0113 268 5711

If you have a chipped tooth your dentist may be able to smooth the uneven edge and replace the missing part with a tooth-coloured filling. If you break a back molar this may have to be replaced with a crown.

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