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Fees Guide

Prices From Membership(15% discount)
New Patient Examination(includes all necessary x rays) £62.00
Routine Dental Examination £46.50 free
X rays £17.00 free
Appointment with Dental Hygienist(scaling & polishing) £48.00 free
Implants £2300.00
Orthodontic Treatment
Invisalign clear braces £2560.00
Mouth guard £56.00 £48.50
Amalgam £64.00 £55.50
Composite (tooth coloured) filling £57.00 £49.50
Metal core porcelain Crown * £468.00 £407.00
Advanced metal free crown * £509.50 £443.00
Porcelain bridge (per unit) £460.00 £400.00
Porcelain veneer £477.00 £415.00
Partial Acrylic Denture £468.00 £407.00
Full Denture £1024.00 £890.00
Root treatment £367.00 £319.00
Facial Aesthetics
Muscle relaxing injections 2 Areas £195.00
Muscle relaxing injections 3 Areas £295.00
Dermal Fillers from £195.00
Chemical Peels- Fruit Acid £100.00
Chemical Peels- Salicylic acid £100.00
Chemical Peels- Deep Peel £140.00
Please read carefully and if you have any questions, please call the practice – we will be pleased to help you.

* We offer a range of dental restorations which can help to restore your smile. In general, the higher the price, the more aesthetic & durable the restoration.


0% interest Payment Plans available on Invisalign and Implant treatments (subject to status). Please ask for further details

Patient Reviews

I had fixed metal braces in my late teens because I was unhappy with the appearance of my crooked teeth. Unfortunately, I did not wear my retainers & my front teeth became crooked again. At the age of 45 I decided to have the Invisalign treatment. The treatment only took about 6 months & was… View Article